We are excited to announce the launch of a whistleblowing helpline, i.e. a confidential reporting service for employees to make whistleblowing reports about their employer.

Employees can notify us by calling our dedicated whistleblowing number. We then prepare an anonymous report and send it to the employer so they can investigate the complaint. We keep anonymous lines of communication open between the whistleblower and their employer if there are any follow-up questions.

Our whistleblowing helpline helps employers to:

  • Create a culture of transparency;
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable law (including the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and the FCA rules in SYSC 18 if applicable);
  • Ensure anonymity for employees; and
  • Gain greater insight into their organisation.

Please contact our Managing Director Giuseppe Giusti (ggiusti@fsreg.com) to find out more about this service.

For an overview of the UK whistleblowing regime, please see Whistleblowing Overview.

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