Are you a law firm partner, counsel or senior associate looking to set up on your own as a legal, tax or regulatory consultant? If so, we would like to talk to you.

Our offer includes:

  • Earning 100% of your billings up to £60k and 90% thereafter depending on your circumstances;
  • IT support including email address, website, back-ups and data storage;
  • Legal support including terms of business, AML and data protection compliance;
  • Accounting support including invoicing, VAT registration and debt collection;
  • Know-how support including access to our global network of people, products and precedents;
  • Freedom to work full time or part time from your preferred location.

We are particularly interested to hear from consultants based in the United States, China, Luxembourg and Ireland.

Please contact Khulan Batbayar at to find out more.

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