In September 2018, we argued that a combination of factors (such as the devaluation of the British Pound versus the US Dollar and the decrease in real estate prices that London had suffered since 2014), made it particularly advantageous for a US-based investor to invest in the London property market.  See:

The above opportunity is still available, even though there are signs that the real estate prices in London are beginning to recover, also as a result of recent cuts in stamp duty land tax (which is the tax payable by a buyer of real property in the UK).

The USD/GBP exchange rate, however, is still pretty much in favour of US investors, possibly as a result of the Brexit saga continuing to linger over the UK economy.

If you are a US-based investor and wish to explore this opportunity further, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can advise you on all aspects of a real estate investment in the UK, including legal and tax.

We can also help you to find the right property for you and manage such property following acquisition.

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