We are delighted to announce the launch of a new KYC outsourced service for private fund managers.

For a fixed fee, we will carry out customer due diligence and ongoing monitoring on your investors and transaction counterparties.

Our services include:

  • Screening: Worldwide sanctions, PEP, financial crime and financial crime-related adverse media screening
  • CDD: Report preparation including information on beneficial owners
  • Risk Rating: Green, amber, red AML/CTF risk rating
  • Monitoring: Automatic ongoing monitoring.

The benefits of our service are:

  • Saves you time: we chase documents and information from investors
  • Saves you money: no need to pay for expensive database subscriptions; our fees can be charged directly to the funds
  • Minimise your risk: our KYC analysts are expert in their field
  • UK/EU based: no offshoring to third countries
  • Data security: all personal data securely hosted on a shared folder you control.

Start price: GBP/EUR 2,000 per year (plus VAT if applicable).

Please contact us (kyc@fsreg.com – +44 20 7502 6621) to find out more.

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